Surrounded By Idiots
Cross-breeding Uber-slow blogging with Internet Hunt-'n-Fist since 2011

yeah, that's right...a space for people exasperated with the religious fundamentalism of duhism perpetually sweeping the planet. and right now that people is a one-man people...and that people is me, people!

my (usually) lucid ranting is currently confined to a blog called The Talking Cure.  the secrets of the universe are coded inside for all to see...if you just read closely.  not too closely, though.

our mission- to use both academia and popular culture to satirically explore human idiocy - that is, the various ways in which your somewhat nifty yet largely ludicrous race sucks.  if you noticed the discrepancy between"my" and "our" in this page, you should probably take a look at The Talking Cure.  if not, well...ok, come in anyway.

coming soon - T-shirts, Pez dispensers, little furry Japanese robotic toys you can feed, bathe, and pit against small rodents in mortal combat in penned-off rings for money,  and an obscure and impressionist yet surprisingly coherent plan for global domination.

NB: this website and its affiliates are powered by third-term-decentered neural net technology, which does not recognize reductive dualist thinking (good/evil, black/white, us/them, Democrat/Republican, cat/dog, liberal/conservative, fork/spoon, peanut-butter/chocolate, liger/tigon, etc).  If you insist on thinking in such terms, my job - nay, my vocation is to tell you your obsolescence clearly places you inside the idiot farm.  Hence, you will find nothing here but the abuse you deserve.

Surrounded By just might be about you.